Bright Battle Story: Tactics Heart

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Bright Battle Story: Tactics Heart
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Author: BJKWhite
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 52
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 2783
Rank by popularity: 9339
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This is Bright Battle Academy. It is not a place where your hand will be held or your failings compensated for. It is not a place for the weak, or the subversive, or the conspicuously diverse. This is Bright Battle Academy, where champions are forged and legends begin.
Dwarfs? Once they were part of the great alliance. They helped build this very academy. But they were so stubborn, so unyielding, so unwilling to bend themselves to the rules. And so they weakened, and so they declined, and so their empires faded. What few that are left shun the academy. We have no dwarfs here.
Rogues? Perhaps a handful in the sprawl, hiding in the shadows, hoarding their merits, hoping to buy a promotion to something remotely useful, ninja or assassin perhaps. But in the academy proper? No. We have no rogues here.
And yet despite everything here she stands. Nala Greyward, Dwarf Rogue. Pettiest of thieves. Unpleasantest of surprises. Causer of problems.
So she killed an ogre. So nobody knows how she did it. So what. Throw her in with the real prospects, with the elves and the vampires and the fighters and the magic users. See how she does in that environment--see just how long it is, before the problem that is Nala Greyward solves itself.
This is Bright Battle Academy.
Good luck.


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