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Author: TheGreatOne
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 8
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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John Doe is a relatively intelligent high school junior. He is in all the super advanced classes, gets straight A's, and to top it off, he is pretty lazy as well. However, he is quite cocky about it and has the physical strength to back it up. Needless to say, he is the target of lots of jealousy in school. No one dares to bully him, because THAT is more or less a metaphorical death wish, but he is the center of lots of gossip and attention.
He has a good life.
Fortunately for John, his school is the largest in the world and so there were still many students who didn't know about him to annoy him. Unfortunately for John, he attracted the attention of a certain student who seems friendly enough but definitely has ulterior motives. This student will show John something that will change his life forever...
No, this is not a romance(yet at least) and the "certain student" is a guy lol so don't get any ideas
Author's Message: Hey, everyone. I was a big reader on RoyalRoadL for three years now, but I made an account recently because I felt like writing something. This story is based on Greek Mythology but I will make up and change a lot of it however I want(note the "based"). This is my first story and I am very busy(I'm a high school junior like John lol) so I will have lots of writer's block and erratic updates.
Content Warning-Keeping those tags just in case as this probably won't be a baby friendly story(jk babies r kewl, just not here)-


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