Total War Online: The Warchiefs

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Total War Online: The Warchiefs
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Author: rexdhru
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 8
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 2764
Rank by popularity: 7471
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Can the will of one man control the fate of millions? The barbarian tribes of Yunnan plain spent centuries entangled in their own petty feuds. Lantis Shimray, a humanities student plus gamer attempts to assimilate the various neighboring tribal fiefdoms into his own tribe, which he then must defend from the machinations of other player states and The Holy See itself. And should he accomplish all of those feats, there is always a world conquest to wage.
But the question still remains how can a tribe of mere rabbles using spear and cotton armor for war, could possibly overcome the military might of other tribes? let alone the technologically advanced empires of other veteran players?
Dive into a game, where you are not a hero or a dark lord but a simple observer changing the course of the world, your tribe and your people. Realise that what you are doing is not for the greater good or any of those cliché shits but for your people’s survival.
Know that you are not a conqueror but a starved wolf in the wilderness.
Sense and feel the ultimate desperation and hunger to call a land your own “home”.
This is not just another RPG.
This is darkness.
This is an age of Total War.
This .Is .Total .War .Dominations!!


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