Dream Weaver ~ World Liberation

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Dream Weaver ~ World Liberation
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Author: BloodTear
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 22
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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Rank by rating: 2754
Rank by popularity: 1204
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Shamed... Insulted... It’s so unfair! Why did she have to turn into a girl on her fifteenth birthday?! Fine! Whatever! Nara blamed everything that put her in an unfavourable situation. One day, her wish to live in a world where women rule fell into her lap. Selfishly, she left her old world behind and started exploring this different world. Yet, the wish of peace and glory wasn’t as she had hoped for. Could she survive in this new world?

Special thanks to BobbieC for helping me re-write my synopsis!

Author’s note: Hello guys, this will be my second fiction after the first series of Dream Weaver. I wrote this one in honour of the manhwa that I came to love in the past, titled ‘Operation Liberate Man’, however, from the news and the artist blog had revealed that the story was being discontinued. Fret not! I’ll write this one in my own way. I will only release the update maybe once a week or if I had the time since my focus will be my 1st fiction (Dream Weaver ~The Cursed and The Blessed)
Extra note: The picture was a sample for my upcoming illustration for this fiction. I will take it down after I had drawn my own cover.
Warning: This fiction contains gender bender of hermaphroditism.


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