Soul of the Cosmic Dragon God King

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Author: moyshas
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Keung Ju-Long, a worthless existence with nothing to call his except for his pretentious and undeserving name. As someone without access to cultivation techniques nor funding to study Alchemy nor Inscription Patterns, his hope to was to become a powerful fighter in hopes of getting a job as a regular city guard and perhaps getting a decent looking girl as a wife.
This world is a cruel mistress, however, and after an unfortunate series of events, Ju-Long’s village is attacked by powerful Demonic Beasts. Keung Ju-Long and his only true friend in the village was the only survivor.
Knowing nothing but despair and tragedy, Keung Ju-Long attempted to take his life. This was not to be either, as a powerful voice coming from the heavens, earth and everyone around him resounded in his head, asking him what he desired.
“I want knowledge, power and strength! Knowledge to never stagnate in one place, strength to protect what is precious to me and power to prevent everyone else from stepping over and looking down at me!”
“Then you shall have it! Live up to your name, Keung Ju-Long!”
And thus, started the tale of a Dragon bearing Cosmic Power in the shape of a human. This is the epic tale Keung Ju-Long, a peerless existence that reached the peak of the submit and stood even above the gods themselves.
Note: I will be using the basics of the Cultivation Theory from ‘TDG’ (Tales of Demons and Gods) to build my own story.
Big Harem for our MC. Oh, and explicit sexual scenes will be fairly common (though with only the MC involved) since I plan to use the Taoist sexual practice theory. There will likely be Netori (MC stealing the love interest of another character) too in the future.


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