Gabriel "The Bastard Son"

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Gabriel "The Bastard Son"
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Author: Mads1289
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 68
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 2661
Rank by popularity: 7046
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Gabriel is a young boy who got abandoned at the stairs of an orphanage that belonged to the priest of a small village,the priest took the boy in and raised him as his own child.There was no clue as to who left the baby there so the priest gave it the name of one of the archangel,Gabriel.From an early age the boy had very weird looking appearence and that made him a prime target for bullying and harassment,he endured most of it but emotions stacked inside him and made him distant from other people.
We see Gabriel's everyday life from going to school to returning back to the orphanage helping with the chores and hiding in his room to escape other people's eyes.His days are quiet untill the day he comes across someone strange,after Gabriel mocking him as a result of his unstable mental state he finds himself in a potition where his life is threatened.
On the other side of the story,we see a scientist who is ordered by the millitary to perform unusual experiments on skin tissue,his name is Kevin and he worked in a secret lab along with other scientists,one of them was Kevin's wife.When things begun to sound strange at the lab a mysterious person showed up and destroyed the place,killed Kevin's wife and made his exit.After the attack,Kevin tried to gain the assistance of the millitary but then found enemies more than allies.Kevin escaped and hide in a small town for two years after this event and tried to find more about the experiments he conducted there.He found out that he performed experiments on tissue from paranormal creatures and begun hunting one of them.That led him to see an injured young boy on the street,after picking him up he decided to perform some checks on the boys body to see what was the reason for his state and how he managed to stay alive with wounds like that.
Needless to say that that boy was Gabriel and after he awoke in Kevin's lab,he found out that he wasn't human himself.The scientist chose to explain the situation to the boy and after they both shared their stories they decided to team up against these creatures.From that day on Gabriel faces many foes and we see his adventures with many different characters and monsters as he tries to bring peace in what everyone thought was a normal world.


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