You and all the stars belong to us

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Choices. Life is full of choices. Choices we make. Choices we are forced to make. Choices that are made for us. Some choices we like, some we despise, some terrify us. Some choices put a shadow over our entire life. Like a nine-year-old boy standing up to abusive parents of his young friend. I shall never forget the speech he made in front of my drunken parents, monsters with no humanity in them. The choice of words the boy made would turn any parent’s face deep purple and forgive me but I will not cite them. What matter is, his choice to act turned my whole life upside down. We walked out of one toxic house and walked into a new and loving one. A house not so different from many others like it, with all the difficulties of a family life. Tho, I have never heard the man of the house raise his voice at his wife or at us.
They choose to take me in. Choose to sponsor my education. Chose to make sure I turned into a man they could be proud of and I chose to never disappoint their trust. Have this debt of trust pushed me where I sat now? IGTA had the tallest office complex in the city or maybe even on the entire planet. Lush and expensive each office represented the wealth of those that came from the stars. The ages old question of are we alone in the universe, became irrelevant one night at the end of the twenty-first century. One of the answers sat across me in a tight, form-fitting robe, huddled in an exquisite chair of crimson plush.




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