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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2017


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Three powers were stolen and harnessed so that they could be controlled. These powers are required to keep the planet alive, and need human bearers to focus and amplify their individual powers, but at what cost to their bearers? Power over the elements, controlling the flow of time, and dictating life and death are the powers that three young adults wield in Moonlight, but their lives will be changed forever.
Moonlight follows the stories of Claire, Jayden, and Seraphine, as they learn to control these powers that desire to consume them.

Author Notes: Hello! This isn't my first attempt at writing a story, and it isn't even my first attempt at writing this particular story, but I'm not in any way what I would call "experienced". I decided to upload my writing here because I just wanted to get my ideas out there, and I wanted to get some constructive criticism for my writing from the RRL community. All comments are welcome, but please try to keep them positive and constructive! If you leave a rating, I would appreciate it if you left a short explanation of what you liked and what I can improve on.
I'll be uploading each chapter as I finish them, but this is still the first draft so anything and everything is subject to change. The cover art is drawn by me, but I'm in no way married to it. I just wanted something that showed the three magical sources, as I picture them in my head. If you do any art based on this story, send it to me! I would love to see it. I'll stop talking now, I hope you enjoy the story!


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