Immortal Shards

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Author: BookDragon
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 28
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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In the boundless multiverse, all possibilities, no matter how remote, exist somewhere. Universes are born, or are created, and die, or do not. In the vast Myriad Heavens Cosmos, a reality far away from our own, a mysterious energy called Mana provides the basis for both physical techniques and magical techniques, and interweaves and is part of all matter, all spirits, and all energy. Mana is the lifeblood of the world, and those who channel and cultivate its power are called cultivators, for they strive to grow along the myriad paths of power and enlightenment. There are many such paths ,known as Dao, but they all feature Shards!

When a being, man, beast, or otherwise, gains a large enough Mana sea in their body, a crystal core, known as a shard,containing the essence of their power, the ideals and emotions that motivate them, and the essence of their soul will form. A beast which cultivates to the level of forming a shard is called a Magical Beast. A human or other being that does is known as a Mystic.

A shard may be a Mage Shard, allowing one to use mana to attack with the elements and produce fantastical, reality bending spells. A shard may also be a Warrior shard, channeling elemental and mana power into one’s physical form, shaped into projectiles, or various other uses; or it can be a Immortal Shard, with the abilities of a Warrior and Mage shard both, and others besides. Anyone who forms an Immortal Shard has the potential to shock the vast planes of reality! In the eternal struggle between the living, who will gain advantage, and for how long? Who will live and who will die? Who will protect and guide the commoners, and fight rogue Mystics and Beasts? Into this world, a child with a potential beyond his wildest imaginations is born. But on the journey of cultivation, there are no guarantees! Will he reach his fated glory, or will he die an ignoble death? This is the story of Alexander Grandstar, and even the gods may not know where it goes!


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