Apostle of the Godess

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Apostle of the Godess
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Author: aero001
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 51
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 26103
Rank by popularity: 7048
Release frequency: 8 days
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A disappointed man dreams of leaving the confines of Earth and live adventures in fantastic realms...Suddenly, his wish is granted... Albeit in a far different way from what he could have expected.
An isekai genre story with a few elements from LitRPG. The overall tone will be jumping back and forth from light to dark. Expect a lot of references to anime, manga, games, etc.It is written in first-person view and will contain a side-story using a "real-life" character. Initially, the MC will be writing the story as a journal, so the prologue and first chapters may appear a mess of things that already happened, journal entries, and afterthoughts. A few chapters in, it will change into a normal, first-person present manner.
This is a side project of mine, so I will be uploading a few chapters per month. Chapters will have a severe difference in length, but I expect the overall monthly word count to be around 15k words.Author recommendation, if you intend to follow the story, read the new updates once a month (counting from the day this chapter is uploaded).
Content Warning: I do intend to include a few disturbing moments to emphasize the darkness of the human (and other beings) nature, so please consider that even though the first chapters are kinda like a comedy routine.


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