In service to Greater Things

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Author: Tiptaptictac
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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As uncountable demons are vanquished by the forces of Good, as worlds fall to the crumbling influence of Evil, those Greater Things watch us from afar on their Thrones.
Entities incomprehensible, pulled straight from Lovecraftian horror are the rumours shared amongst the powers of the multiverse. They speak of beings beyond that of the Gods with the ability to rewrite reality in but a passing thought. The stories of the Creator Gods are not ones of mystical wonder but instead of endless horror and incomprehension.
Reality is but a game to be tinkered and toyed, a grand artpiece constantly being refined and revised by its artists. The vast ever-growing multiverse and the infinite planes are naught under those piercing abyssal eyes.
To nearly all entities residing in the vast multiverse those Greater Things are unreachable, uncountable and beyond them.

To Abigail Reed?

They’re her bosses.

My attempt at writing something purely for the fun of it because I got this idea stuck in my head. To be clear, this is my first written work to ever exist.
Probably best not to expect regular updates, doing this mostly as a creative vent more than anything else. Some of the tags indicated may not come into effect until later in the story!


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