ODHM: Holst Curio and Convenience

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ODHM: Holst Curio and Convenience
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Author: IndigoSharpe
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 54
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Come On Down to Holst Curio and Convenience! We’re Located On XXXX, Off the Corner of XXXX!
Whether You’re Just Shopping For Your Weekly Necessaries!
Whether You’re Looking For A Nice Stiff Drink, Or A Delectable Bite to Eat!
Whether Your Sick/Injured And Are In Need of Affordable and Top-tier Medicinal Relief!Whether You’ve Gotten In Trouble With the Boss And Need A Way To Fix It Quick!
Whether You’ve Got Yourself A Pest Problem And Need The Gear To Get Rid Of Them!
Whether You’ve Got A Big Project Coming Up And Just Can’t Quite Find The Needed Materials!Whether You’re Looking For That Perfect Gift!
We’ve Got You Covered! With Our Affordable Prices And Industry-Topping/Industry-Toppeling Quality Goods And Services, When You Shop Holst You Won’t Regret It!

All Local Legal Tenders Accepted Though Actual Value And Worth Of Legal Tenders May Vary. We Also Accept Barter, Trade, and The Universal Currency Of Time!

Meet Ellis Holst. The owner and co-proprietor of Holst Convenience. Just your average, Ordinary, Dimension Hopping, Merchant.

Ellis is a normal guy...all things considered. He hasn’t had the easiest life thanks to his complicated relationship with his family, and the results of a very unfortunate prank that he tries not to think too much about these days.

He was once the designated villain for countless timelines and realities, but that’s over now. He’s managed to finally pull himself together and break free from the self-destructive cycles that he’d been quite literally enslaved to. Now he’s taking things easy, trying his best to live a more peaceful, more positive life.

He’s started a store. He’s picked up some nice hobbies. He’s inadvertently found himself trying to reconcile with his mother, one of the few members of his family that don’t suck, despite her unintentionally being the source of all his problems with the rest of his clan. He even got married.

Ellis is doing pretty okay for himself. The trick will be keeping things that way.

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