Dungeon Irregular

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Dungeon Irregular
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Author: Hazard_C
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 15
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 25929
Rank by popularity: 25276
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In a certain frozen hellscape, plots of two legends converge.
A young boy named Arthur has everything dear to him taken away. He overcomes death while obtaining tremendous power. The other party is an irregular among monsters - a dungeon core - an immobile sphere, capable of creating a vessel from its victims, stitching together powerful horrors. This one however deviates from the norm, Rebelling against its innate purpose, it begins the creation of a single masterpiece. One which will be the strongest monster to even exist, a living calamity, one above all, unparalleled intelligence, and an outstanding beauty at that. Then it will possess it and take over the world!
Unable to enact vengeance here and then, the boy leaves in order to gather powerful allies and grow stronger eventually becoming a hero. His preparations for the final showdown, on which humanity's future rests, are near completion.
However, something goes amiss.
People who are meant to be recruited by the Hero raid the dungeon without him, and actually clear it.
They exploited a fatal weakness: The Final Boss was not ready yet! After an abrupt stop in development in the early stages, caused by a certain lethal blow on the dungeon core, the weakest monster is born!
Being pretty much crippled and having no power it ends up in hands of people that soon discover its real worth, but they aren’t the most friendly lot out there.
What will she do once she regains freedom?
A shadowy organization, otherworldly races, other monsters, and also the hero are all out for her blood!

This is the first wn I wrote. It is a hobby project I started to improve my English. Have mercy on me
All credit for the cover goes to me, drew it myself :P


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