Earth destroyed

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Author: Ince
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 9
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Years 2021.
It was a great hit to the belief of the people from the earth.
Those who believed in science and those who believed that Earth was the only inhabited planet.

Everyone was surprised when the first sorcerer tower was discovered somewhere in the Atlantic ocean.
Things only got worse when, powerfull being started to come out of the gates opened by these magic towers.
They were powerful and cruel, they wanted to enslave every being from earth.
But while they were studying earthlygs, earthlings were studying them like snakes hidden in their lair ready to pounce at the enemy at the earthlings right time.
Sadly the opportunity to strike back never came...
But the people from earth managed to find the origin of their enemies. They were sorcerers, a kind of mostly humanoid and eccentric living being that invaded other world and possessed powerful abilities.
Their goal, being the magical resources on those plane.
Sadly, earthling were not as good as using these resources as the aliens.
So the united government formed a plan. Just like in the burned ground warfare, they will make the planet autodestruct while leaving for other place in the other system.

With the destruction of earth, some earthling finally awakened to mysterious power.
Isakar is one of these human with mysterious abilities. Using his supernatural power, he will join the counterpart over these realm counquering entity.


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