Within the endless forest

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Within the endless forest
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2017


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this is primarily a writing exercise where three genres and three additional tags are selected using a program designed to spit out random values. After these genres and tags have been selected you write a story around them. The genres and tags that I got were as follows: Fantasy, comedy, horror, gender bender, reincarnation, and xianxia. This is my first attempt at this and as you will find out I am not very good, I hope to get better but it will take time so your patience and your advice would be greatly appreciated.
The story revolves around Dave who dies in his sleep. this results in him being reincarnated into a fantasy world where monsters are being barely held at bay and the human race is taking its last stand. Will Dave become strong enough to save his village? Will he (now she) be able to get used to her new body? Will the author be able to balance comedy and horror? Find out as I slowly update this series at a frustrating pace.
image by me in like 10 min.


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