Nine Ender

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Nine Ender
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Author: joshualinton
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 32
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 25696
Rank by popularity: 6900
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In the modern era of 2022, beasts called "Badgers" and Badger hybrids (A mix between a human and a Badger) appear in Tokyo Japan at random moments, causing havoc and destruction upon on certain areas of the cities around. The ones who can put these things down, are the "Enders", who are naturally given different kitsune mask's, which is connected to their own soul, and when they wear it, gives them unique abilities, skills, and affinities. Those Enders will enroll in the "Ender association", where many Enders have a team they have to join based on their skills. The masks come when the gifted person is ready for them, and there are some who use their masks for evil deeds, having strong motives for what they think is right. A 16 year old boy, Kota, lives alone in an apartment his parents had left for him before they had died, and he's been feeling worthless and lonely ever since that happened. School is out as well, for obvious reasons, so online school is all he has. Kota also doesn't have his mask yet..but one day, when everything takes a dark turn, Kota realizes he's worth more than what he thinks...


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