The Grimage Chronicles

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Author: Solman
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 25686
Rank by popularity: 25119
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A Princess going beyond the norm
The Rebel with a hidden power
And the lost Heir to an ancient Empire
THE YEAR is 1936 by the Britannian Royal Calendar, and it has been one hundred years since the Great Grimage War and the fall of the Klaxovian Kaiserreich and the formation of the Federal Britannian Republic of Klaxovia.
Twelve-year-old Alexander Smith is the son of a maid and a laborer in the Britannian Empire's colonial war factories. However, a shocking turn of events turns his simple and humble life upside down within moments. In the midst of it all, he decides he must do everything in his power to protect what his father fought for, even if it means traveling down a darker path than he could've ever foreseen.
Kelia has been fighting a war against an unstoppable empire for as long as she can remember. Her childhood consisted entirely of blood, sweat, and tears. This has molded her into a perfect, straight forward soldier. So when she's sent on a mission to infiltrate the place where Britannian high society and the Britannian military come together, she finds herself in an environment where she can no longer fight her way out of problems.
First Princess Angelica Sol Britannia has led a sheltered life as a lady of the court, curtesy of her overprotective father. However, flowers always grow towards the light, and when a drastic change in a centuries old institution shines a ray of light directly on her, this flower has finally found what it needs to grow.
When a masked hero known as Krieg emerges, promising liberation for the Klaxovian people. These three and many others are set on a collision course that leads to one fact:
The flames of war have begun to spread, and these three have found themselves to be the fuel.


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