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Personal Agency
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Author: Wormwood
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 10
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Rank by rating: 25666
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It is better to die knowing.
Listen. The world as you know it is not as you know it. It is a construction, a facade, a mural painted over the world to hide the fact that it is very broken on some fundamental levels. That there exists an entire spiritual realm, one of cognition and perception and memory and that it teems with awful life. The world was not made for us.
Jacob Irwing is a fairly normal 26 year old American man. He's an amateur photographer, unmarried and does not work in his chosen field. He is also dying, right now, in the first chapter of this story. Someone has put a bullet in him.
Agent Z is a fairly abnormal woman of no nationality. Her age is classified. Her name is classified. Her background? You better believe it's classified. She works for the people who hide the truth. She is going to wake up with a hole in her head in the first chapter of this story, surrounded by corpses and also by a dying fairly normal 26 year old American man.
Burned and seemingly abandoned by the Agency, Agent Z has lost her memory, her security clearance and her authorisation. All that she's gained is Jacob, who is thoroughly in this shit now. Together they must work to uncover the truth, if any such thing even exists, in this erratic urban fantasy weird-fic.


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