Multiverse of Gods

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Author: ExarchAlters
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 25665
Rank by popularity: 12810
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This story follows the tale of Dylan, a young man who unknowingly assisted the gods in identifying suitable candidates for otherworldly adventurers, believing it as some kind of part time game testing, to fund his obsession with gacha games. He then later becomes a minor God for reasons unknown, creates a world, and pretty much splits into two.
Earth Dylan continues to live on Earth, trading with the representatives of the other Gods, planning and growing worlds of his own, training and creating beautiful warriors to fight in the other worlds, monitor the Other Dylan's progress, and still mostly live a normal life. Mostly.
Otherworld Dylan becomes a world traveller, visiting the other worlds, collecting treasures and unique items to bring home, gaining powers, meeting people and other Gods, fight wars and battles, and generally do a whole load of awesome otherworldly stuff.
What's this story about in simple terms.
Our Otherworldly MC will be an overpowered main character, and he'll smack some baddies with summoned hot babes copied from an imaginary gacha game, explore strange new worlds, collect crazy stuff and perform magic of insane kinds. Our Earthbound MC will be more of a city builder trader, explorer, and diplomat, speaking to other people, and discovering the complexities of the System. He'll sends the otherworldly MC on fetch quests to obtain upgrade materials needed for his worlds.


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