Junkyard Scavenger

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Junkyard Scavenger
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Author: Aketh
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 22
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 25637
Rank by popularity: 25099
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Junkyard does not discriminate. This place where rejects gather is impartial to your past.
Almost completely cut off from the Overworld, its limited resources put the residents at odds, as they struggle for each scrap they can get their hands on. You can decide to live in peace, but poverty, or try for a chance to leave.
If you choose to leave, then be prepared to steal, plunder, fight, cripple, and kill if necessary. Gather items and become stronger. Crush your opponents as you take theirs for your own, and roll the weighted dice. Marco has watched for years how humans treat their lives like gambling chips. He saw delusion, confused with hope, and warnings falling on deaf ears. A million believing they are the one.
Because don't you just need a few rare items to be unstoppable? Some EXP to dominate? Just a little luck? Surely, if you keep trying, fate will work out in your favor, no?
Marco knows better than that. He's learned that patience is a virtue. He hopes others will listen; that they would learn. In time, things could be better. He plans to see to that himself. But when he meets Jeanne, their values clash. She understands wanting to leave means to risk it all. He knows to risk it all is courting death. They both desire the same, but their means differ, as do their goals and reasons.
What does it mean to risk it all? And how does patience fare when time is not your ally?
Do not hesitate.
Doubt will drag you down.
Beware of friend and foe.
Because Junkyard does not forgive mistakes.

A grimdark LitRPG story that's not just LitRPG, and not just grimdark.
Updates about once or twice a week; twice, much more often than not.
Please feel free to leave some feedback. I'll appreciate it very much!


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