Once Human, Now a Parasite B

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Once Human, Now a Parasite B
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Author: TheCrow
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 87
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 25565
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Arthur Bilgart was a successful and vastly wealthy businessman on Earth. However, he was kidnapped and tortured by his wife, Claudia, who was after everything he owned. He was tortured and isolated from the world for no less than a year before miserably dying. But death wasn't the end for he was reincarnated into a parasite in a foreign world.
PS: I'm not a native english speaker, so please don't expect my grammar to be flawless. If grammar mistakes do bother you then I don't think you'll enjoy this.
Author's note: This is the B route of the story Once Human, Now a Parasite. The events will be different but some of the characters from route A will appear in route B. For those who read the original, this story will be much more slow-paced and focus on the life of Arthur as a parasite. The story will not be rushed and- unlike route A- it'll focus more on the System Universe.
Author's note 2 : Route A and B can be read separately, however, reading the first can help you understand more about the world and its characters. Like Lucy, her origin, and her story. There will not be daily updates but I plan to post regularly and take my time to thoroughly plan the story so that you can enjoy it.
Author's note 3 : Route B takes place in an alternate timeline, but some plot points that are- as of yet- unexplained in route A, will explained in route B. After making minor changes to not spoil, I will post Lore Chapters that are present in route A. They'll serve as an enrichment to the world, the Gods, and the characters.


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