Swing, Metronome, With the Winds of War

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Author: Pallington
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Originally posted on my very own website on Wordpress. Update schedule may vary.
On the continent Elm in the world of Sedetra, a variety of sentient species thrived, forming nations and alliances, slowly advancing in skills and technology. Amidst this, the human kingdom of Sarke rose to power with advanced mana-powered industry, greatly accelerating its production capabilities and sending it forward into a golden age. In a desperate gambit to maintain momentum, Sarke annexed the other nations on Elm, and managed to prolong its golden age just a few decades more.
Up to here, there would have been no particularly large issues; even if the economy started stalling out, there should have been enough resources and methods to mitigate most of the damage.
Unfortunately, up to here is when something happened in the neighboring continent of Maluk, and the Demons began advancing en masse into Elm. Across the thin land bridge last scouted half a decade prior to their arrival, over the Worldspine mountains, and into the heart of Elm.
Born only a few years before this long war began, many find themselves swept away by the winds of war.
Kern is no exception.
Extra notes:
Sexual content not yet written, but planned. Tentacles may get involved.
Arms and armor will be used appropriately (unless I slip up), damage will be within reason, magic and mana have very specific roles to play, and there are no game-like statistics or value overviews. I hesitate a little to call it 'Low Fantasy,' but mechanics will definitely obey real life to a fairly great degree.
It's war, so people die. Shock is a thing, and so is trauma. It won't be 'everyone dies instantly,' but deaths are planned, along with all the psychological bells and whistles, so you have been warned. Also, gore. Yikes, I marked all four flags... Welp.


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