Shield Of Embers

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Shield Of Embers
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 36
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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When the winds howl, and the fire fades, it's all she can do to shield the embers. With her hands if she must. Even if it burns her. Maybe the embers will remember. Maybe the flames will wrap her in their searing embrace.Maybe freedom is but one accident away.It begins with two halves of a whole.From one world to the next, from the cradle to the grave. Two souls intertwined, thrown through space and time. ------Hello. Before you read on, i'd like to clarify some things.1. The story doesn't become a GameLit for a while, and even when it does, its not a tremendous focus point of the story. You won't see a huge focus on levels and wild skills and giant stat blocks or level grinding. That's just not happening, i don't vibe too much with those stories. It's there, but that's about it.2. This story does contain incest between two sisters, and NO it is not there just to make smutty scenes nor is it there for shock value or whatever other things pop into your head. It's just how the story ended up heading, and im not changing it. 3. This story can get intense. Check TWs and tags.4. This story has romance, but it is not the main point of the story, nor the main genre. (Cover Picture was not drawn by me, or owned by me. It is the property of Riot Games. I simply edited it. This work makes no profit through donations or whatnot of any kind at the moment and the foreseeable future.)


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