Ti Lepus Dies, A Dark Lord Story

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Ti Lepus Dies, A Dark Lord Story
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Author: Gibbs505
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 76
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 25347
Rank by popularity: 22746
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Ti Lepus, is a planet in turmoil, who can save it? Deadly forces scheme to break with the Empire and its Sovereign, spreading lies and committing act of vandalism. Some stand against the terrorists while others seek to master them and bend them to their evil design.
Rentap Dressiler and Trem De Markus are friends who resist these forces; one will be destroyed along with his family in the fight against murderous forces who would lead the planet to its destruction. The other may save it …
Leja Leves; the councillor who cunningly hides his leadership in the campaign against the Empire orchestrated by Nikie and Kirkrup Di Frim who are his unwitting dupes. He would die before admitting defeat …
Cami sis Nep; an innocent fourteen year old girl who is caught in a fight between powerful competing forces but who may bring great change to her planet, even as she risks loosening it as well as her life…,
But … The wild card …
The Dark Lord, Supreme Ruler of the Empire, an entity with strange powers and skills who is working behind the scenes to effect change before it is too late …. Will he succeed?


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