The Fall of Kyrina

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The Fall of Kyrina
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Author: Briizy
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
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This world was grand.

Paved in gold and risen from nothing by our creators, the Val’een, Kyrina was a masterpiece that was said to outshine even the brightest star in our galaxy. With each crack grows an everling tree that has leaves of ruby and emerald, and with every lake comes a blessing from our creators. We were once luminescent in a system of shadow, but too often is there evil hidden in the brightest light. My bright, beautiful Kyrina.

What was once grandiose timbers of ruby and emerald now lay charcoal and ash, and the blessings once sent down to us now cursed. I loathe that light that used to shine brighter than the stars in our sky, but even more do I find myself remorseful in what could have been guided down that golden path. As the ash continues its descent from the stars, I will sit and wait for the glorious return of Val’een. Then, and only then, will my Kyrina be saved.

Until that day, may the towers crumble and our children peril for their since forgotten playthings and wail out for their mothers. Let the cracks in our foundation expand, releasing the evil that hid in the shadows of my once blessed Kyrina.


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