Quick Transmigration: The Day I Blew Up My Housemate

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Quick Transmigration: The Day I Blew Up My Housemate
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 31
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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On his 21st birthday, Hao Junlin's housemate's surprise birthday cake surprised him into an early grave. With his soul scattered across multitudes of time and planes, Feng Mian resigned herself to contract with System 555 in order to bring him back to life.World X Hao Junlin: Has shrunk into a chibi princeFeng Mian: Don't worry housemate! This sister will teach you the ways of the world!World XX Hao Junlin: A psychopath with a personality disorderFeng Mian: ... Fine. Is the sidekick position free?World XXX Hao Junlin: Levelled up to become a high ranking ghostFeng Mian: ... I'm deathly scared of ghosts bah...System 555: Didn't you say you used to be the school bully's second in command?Feng Mian: Yes, the second ah. The leader position used to be occupied by Hao JunlinSystem 555: ........After a dozen of worlds retrieving souls and granting an ex-housemate wishes...Hao Junlin: This world I want to get married.Feng Mian: .....System 555: .....Feng Mian: Old Five you go prepare the dowry, I'll go kidnap the bride!System 555: You relived through a few dozen lifetimes for the sake of one person. Are you sure you don't like him?Feng Mian: I want to file a complaint. This Hao Junlin is already sticky to begin with, why was he getting worse with every world they passed? If she dies, he has to die with her. If he dies first, she has to (grudgingly) accompany him right after. Does he know what personal space means or not ah?…..…............................................................


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