They Are Our Smols

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Year started: 2021


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You’ve read They Are Smol. You’ve enjoyed They Are Smol (if you haven’t, well, prepare to not enjoy this one either). But this is smols like you’ve not seen them before. This is extreme smolness with a lemon twist: smols fucked up big time in this one, and Earth, well… Earth is empty of smols. At least the ayys hope so, because it’s fallout time back there. The ones that got away — and let’s face it, it was all of them that were left — had no place to go. Homeless, smol and needing protectings, they were taken in. For the lucky ayys out there, they’re our smols.

This is a not-so-serious slice of life alternate universe where the entire population of Earth, what was left after the dead man’s switch was flipped and the nukes successfully irradiated the planet, were evacuated en masse and then taken in by the galactic civilization at large.

I’ll probably write a few more in this silly, comfy alternate timeline to expand on what’s different, but don’t take it too seriously, okay?

I do not take credit for the original setting, this story is set in an alternate version of the 'They are Smol' universe, written by the one, the only u/tinyprancinghorse.TPH takes many forms and is known by many names. He is like Nyarlathotep, only smaller and cuter and more prancey. TPH also has a Website and a Patreon.


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