Flesh Forger

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Flesh Forger
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Author: Wumpus
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Born a bit too late to explore the world, yet far too early to explore space, Graham Lattem is your average 61 year old man - if a little wanderlust filled. That being said, he has a happy home, loving wife, children who check up on him, and a decent retirement fund to live out his golden years modestly.

Then it happens.

[System Initialization Commencing…]

A trick of the light, surely.

[Planetary Merger Protocol 331 Enabled]

Rumbling can be heard in the distance. Shouts. Cries of anguish. A horrible, ear numbing crashing sound. An earthquake. A hole opens in the middle of his home, and our protagonist falls in as a swirling vortex consumes him. Mountains as far as the eye can see greet Graham as he opens his eyes. Well, and more glowing words:

[Welcome To The Macrocosm]

[Good Luck]

Far away from his family n a world hell-bent on his demise, how will this old, arthritis ridden man survive?

Did I mention he has cancer?

This is my first ever story, one that I’ve been wanting to write for awhile. The system is most definitely inspired by Randidly Ghosthound and The New World, but I promise the story is different! Please point out any mistakes, as I’d love to improve! Also the warnings are just to let me experiment.



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