The Photograph

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The Photograph
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Rick had been called many things in his life, vulture, scumbag, stalker, and most notably, Rick the Dick. He made a name for himself in the photography community for his dedication to getting the perfect shot, no matter the cost. Upon the death of the father of the famous actor, Ann Sullivan, Rick did everything he could to get the perfect photo of her grieving. Though he never got the chance. One night after sitting in a tree for over 48 hours Ann was killed by the serial killer known as "Jack". Jack used his victim's skulls as jack-o-lanterns as he carved classic jack-o-lantern faces while they were still conscious. A half-asleep Rick saw Ann was doing something with a person dressed in black and snapped a picture, only for him to realize that it had Ann's face fashioned into a jack-o-lantern. With Jack closing in and the FBI accusing him of being the killer, can Rick redeem himself and prove his innocence, or will the killer catch up to him first and make him his next Halloween decoration.

This is a psychological thriller and this is the first time I've written something like this. Please review, rate, and leave comments. Any and all feedback is really appreciated and I will do my best to incorporate any and all corrections to improve my writing. Chapters will be released once a week unless I believe I need more time to keep the quality of the chapters from suffering.


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