The Dawn of the Fallen

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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There was a man who was built to become the perfect man that'll conquer everything. He had surpassed many obstacles with overwhelming strength.
May it be intelligence, martial arts, military strategies, and everything, he has it all.
However, no human is perfect.
He, who was raised and trained since childhood, devoid of all emotions was sent out to society to start his goal. Yet, slowly, the emotions he molded through human relationships have impaired the human being that was perfectly built.
From then his goals had started to shatter, he was betrayed, he lost his lover, he lost everything he built, and even his existence as a human being.
And as he was about to think that his life has ended, he witnessed a new dawn in his life.
Let us follow the story of the man who had fallen and tries to find a new purpose at the new dawn he'll journey through.

Hi guys, I'm a new author to be by the way. And this is my second novel, which I didn't even manage to finish the first one after just a few chapters being written.
But even so, I hope I could continue writing to share my ideas with everyone, and above all, I hope there will be people who will support me through this journey... Thank you all


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