Strings Of The Orchestrator

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Strings Of The Orchestrator
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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The system swept over the earth, wrenching everyone from their normal lives and throwing them into new worlds made of chaos and insanity. The rules that once governed the world have shifted. The laws that once bound people, both the dangerous and the kind, have vanished. Now, life is all about advancement, pushing your numbers and skills higher and higher.
Alone on a distant world, Max Grand instead must now prove himself, not to the system that now governs his entire world, but to his companions and best friends. Follow Max on his journey through space, through time, through space again, meeting people, going places, and doing things. All the nouns.

Note About Tags: I just put what I thought was somewhat applicable for now and the journey ahead. Though the gore tag was applied, it is more precautionary should I go into it in the future and not indicitive of the type of content I hope to produce. I don't think I would ever go into the descriptive when, where, why, and how of some guy's pancreas being demolished, but hey, I might get really into writing a chapter and decide to do so. Again, precautionary.

Note About myself: I am only a hobbyest writer. I hope the internet doesn't expect novel level content from me. I have seen what others on the internet, and even more so this website, can produce and aspire to reach their level. I have no Idea what will come of this, but it should at least be a fun experience for all involve.
Thank you and happy reading.


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