Welcome to the Upward Bound System, V.2

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Welcome to the Upward Bound System, V.2
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Author: Alch3my
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 21
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 24953
Rank by popularity: 5548
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When the System came to Earth, it changed everything.
It is a grand thing used by gods and men alike.
What had once been fantasy was now a reality.
People believed and so that belief gave ideas the strength to manifest.
"Welcome Founder of the SCP Foundation"
It stirred the gods from their deathly slumbers.
Stirred by an almost mechanical voice promising them new life, and followers as countless as the stars.
All it asked of them was for their help.
Help with what though?
The old gods, the forgotten gods, and the new gods drew breath, and then made their voices heard.
On a day like any other Dante was home from college watching the Presidential inauguration with his parents. Little did they know that this day would turn out to be anything but ordinary.
That this was the day everything changed.
Dante is not your typical MC. While he has a troubled past, he looks forward to the future. Follow Dante, his parents, and the new friends he meets along the way as they traverse this new system world.
However, before they can explore this new world they must complete, the Tutorial.
(Please note: This tutorial will be part of the story. Rather than a skim of the information, you will get to experience it in depth. So the tutorial will last a good while.)
A much slower style of LitRpg than what you would normally find.
Follow Dante and his party as they find their world taken over by the system.
Welcome people of Earth to the Upward Bound System!...
With the system's arrival so too does great danger come...
The tools of your survival shall be granted upon you by the system...
Please note, I don't own the art.
Please enjoy the story, and if you don't please leave a comment and I will try to improve the story for you.
This is the second version of this story, so feel free to check out the original and compare the two.



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