The Forged Realms: Dwarves and Dungeons Deep of Winter Reach: A LitRPG Fantasy Adventure Saga (Land Underworld Series)

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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IT professional Ryan as waited and dreamed for over a year with his frined's for this day, the release date of the new fully immersive VRMMO game that is making world history. But is it really just a game? When "The Forged Realms" releases into the virtual reality gaming sector, Ryan and friends dive in and embark on the fully immersive epic adventure they never thought was truly possible. At first what was seen to be just a revolutionary historic game, ends up to be so much more as they leave their world behind and embark on the greatest adventure in "The Forged Realms" of epic proportion.
An epic adventure in "The Forged Realms" of dwarven kingdoms battling against the arising threats of the underworld await them. A world full of dwarven kingdoms and kings, adventures, the lands and creatures and monsters below, battles, dungeons, treasures, leveling, magic, mining, and crafting, with an epic story line the players find themselves in awaits them.
A new epic world and LitRPG adventure saga awaits those brave enough to enter "The Forged Realms"!


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