Magic Continent Zero

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Author: Bobbert
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 39
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 217
Rank by popularity: 2298
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Long ago the world was in peril with infighting and bickering. A great war broke out when the invading demon continent attacked the human continent. The demons are much stronger than the humans but the humans were able to hold off the demons with their ability to use magic. It all seemed lost until a great wizard rose up and helped lead the humans to victory. A talent like the world has never seen. His profound understandings of magic made him respected by all the nobles on the continent. After the war he turned down all positions and decided to only teach the students he wanted noble or not. These were the choosen 7 children and only them were given his direct knowledge on magic.

However, 20 years ago a great tradgedy befell the human continent. No one knows the exact details but what was known is a great magical barrier went up over 1/3 of the entire human continent that has stood ever since. The teacher was betrayed by one of his students. Himself and the rest of his students scattered across the human continent and into obscurity.

Our protagonist is of low birth and has no talent but longs to learn magic. Usually only the rich nobles can afford magic teachers and the books needed. Will he ever become the great wizard he wishes to be?


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