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Author: Aztracity
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 13
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 2455
Rank by popularity: 14956
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(A few things are changing with the story, as i get ready to start doing chapters again. Im currently editing all the existing chapters to show these changes. Im around halfway done and hope to be done in 1 week from today. (02/02/2018) It's been 200 years since The humans of Earth experienced the descent of the trinity. The Arête was the first to decent, bringing with it what many believed to be superpowers for all. Then the Corporis, the ideal dream for all those who dreamed of cultivation. Lastly came the Tree of Infinite possibilities the System of Yggdrasil, and its ability to improve the first 2 trinity's. At first while the human race was still adjusting they didn't realize the descent of the trinity was for all living beings. During the next 50 years Humans were brought to the brink of extinction by those very creature's they use to keep locked up in cage's. It was only with humanitys adaptive nature that after 20 more years were finally able to rise back up, and with 100 years take back control of about 80% of the world. This is a story of 3 young adults who go on to become the strongest in the universe. (At a slow rate) Read as Jp/CN webnovel.
Warning: I'm an amerture writer who simply has a large imagination and wishes to put it into words.


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