The Portals of Albion

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The Portals of Albion
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Author: exyled
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 107
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Zack has been taking care of his little sister since they were rescued from a research institute years earlier. He just wants life to give them a break, to have one thing go right. Something that would help them to get ahead and change their lives.The portals that appeared all over the world a hundred years ago hold the key.After years of waiting he awakens as a ‘Traveler’, someone who can go through the portals, for a second time.
(The story has been described as X-men meets Narnia. which while not entirely accurate is still a fun way of looking at it.)
(Note: As with my other stories, this one focuses more on the characters than constant action. The Lite-LitRPG and Gamelit elements are introduced into the story gradually.)
Author's Note: This is my raw, mostly unedited text. I am using RR to test out this story as I'm writing it to get a feel for how the published and edited copy will be received. Certain sections of the story will be changed or added to when I publish it as well.
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