Nyla Darke

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Nyla Darke is in her late teens when the worst happens to her. She dies. But having been a truly good person throughout her life someone with REAL power givers her a choice. Go on to heaven and the afterlife, or live a second life in a world grounded in many of the gaming principles she knows. Understanding that a second life is something that few get to choose she chooses just that.
This is a story about a second chance at life from a woman who didn't get that chance the first time.
I haven't decided what this story will include. This is currently a slice of life story, but may include dark times, swearing, graphic content, sexual content or more, and so is tagged as such. I have a very light outline of what is to happen but Nyla's story is her own and may change on a dime.
This will be a LITRPG story. It will also be heavily influenced by Azarinth Healer and He Who Fights With Monsters. The stats at some point may not be shown as heavily as in those stories as this is more about Nyla than it is about her stats.
Dialogue will play a heavy part in this story, whether Nyla is alone or with others, I prefer a story where the chracters interact. Even if it's with themselves.


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