One Step At A Time

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One Step At A Time
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Fire. The start and end of civilation.
We look at the life of Benjen Crocker, a man out of time and space, forced to struggle in a world not his own. Will he be the spark that starts a new life, the timber that continues what survived, or will he suffocate what little remains.

This story is based on Fallout New Vegas and follows someone who is transported from our world to the Fallout universe. They will have knowledge of previous games but not New Vegas so they can understand the situation quickly but not be able to exploit the game knowledge.
MC will have some special skills given from the start, but should hopefully not be overpowered and no levelling system.
It has been a while since i played the game and this novel was mostly inspired by reading others novels. I am getting most of my facts from Wikipedia and some details will be tweaked, changed or added to make the world more developed and to allow some of the plot points.
Interesting facts, spelling corrections and ideas for future and past events are encouraged, criticism is welcome provided it is constructive or provides alternative solutions. I will do my best to make corrections or to answer any queries without spoiling the story.

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