Thirsty Royals: Reloaded

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Thirsty Royals: Reloaded
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Author: Dee_author
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 4
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 24736
Rank by popularity: 24571
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This story is an epic tale of the evolution of the male and female lead in a troubled fantasy world, with kings, kingdoms, magic, romance, action, royal politics, lots of drama, and a hot forbidden love theme.
Book Cover: ArtStation Here's a spicy excerpt for you. Enjoy.*
Soft noise broke his meditation. He slowly opened his eyes, only to find the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, stark naked, walking straight into the pool, towards him!
Oga knew he should stop looking, but who could? His eyes moved lower taking in the voluptuous bosoms before him. His heart skipped two beats - one for each.The beauty progressed further into the crystal clear pool. Her bosom bouncing to every slight motion. Her broad, perfectly curved hips swaying as she strode in. She reached her favourite part of the pool and squatted. Her round, glossy butt cheeks smacked the water as she dipped herself in a shallow part of the Oases, soaking her super sexy body, as if in a tub.... 'What am I thinking?' Oga frowned at his idiocy. 'Doing anything with her, even thinking of this is forbidden!', his mind scolded.Suddenly, a flying dart broke his reverie. It was aimed at his heart, and so fast, it could almost not be seen. In a flash, Oga caught it between his fingers right before it hit. He didn't even have enough time to examine the weapon of pure zinari or trace the direction from which the dart flew before 2 others followed, coming at him with intense killing intent. He dodged swiftly, startled by the feisty beauty. Her attack only served to intensify his curiosity and attraction to her. And why not? An attack like that would definitely have killed even the best soldier of the great Red Empire. But he was in a whole different class. 'Come out! I know you're in there!' Anwu called out."As you wish" Oga replied.He came out of his concealed relaxation spot with both hands and a 3rd leg up in surrender...
1st meeting of ML and FL
Thanks for reading<3


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