Artificial Queen

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Artificial Queen
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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A fan fiction based in the world of Chrysalis by RinoZ. This contains no spoilers, but may reveals general aspects of the world that could alter your experience of the original. I highly recommend reading the original first. I claim no ownership to the world and it's aspects.

The warship artificial intelligence known as Athena has been in deep space for over 100 years montioring humans for breaching the treaty. When the time finally come, she fails to escape and warn her kind. Now, she must find a new mission. Not only do the monsters of the dungeon threaten to tear her apart, but the sapients of the world will move mountains to slaugher her if discovered.The story also features another co-lead character, Roxana, an acchomplished enchanter running her family's business. The politics of the capital city exile Roxana to the colony city of Hijol, in the midst of construction on the frontier of Empire territory. Her youthful dreams, her father's legacy, and the respect for her grandfather will spiral Roxana down a path she could never have dreamed of.
Welcome to the Artificial Queen tale, thanks for your time and interest.


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