AWE: Adventures of a Genderbent Noble Android Girl

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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 69
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 2437
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Hmmmmmmmmmm... it's dark and it's really wet. Am I inside something? A stomach? So I'm already dead? That was quick...

Wait, who am I!? Ah! That's right! My name is Charles! June Charles... sumtin sumtin. I am a male at 17 years old, a Senior High student. I was enrolled in Science Technology Engineering and Mahematics and a...uhhhhhhhhhhh...

I think, I was studying to be an engineer. I remember drawing up blueprints and enganging in calculus. It must have been a nightmare... I have 2 younger siblings annnnnnd... 2 parents? I guess?

... ... ... ...
... ... ...
... ...

...I'm very confused. Why can't I remember them? What was the name of the school I went to? I remember my chosen school track, my age, my art skills, and a black, retangular "something". But that's it. I can't even recall my name perfectly.

... ... ...
... ...


Is that a light?

Oh shit! I'm panicking! I'm panicking here! I'm not going! I'll never go into the light! Kiss my ass, guy calling out to me from within the light! I know I'm just imagining you, but still, KISS ASS!

I start to move away from the light. And that was when I noticed it.

I can't move.

I really can't move.

I'm desperately trying to get away, but the most I can do is just wiggle! And even worse! The slimy walls are contracting, squeezing me out, closer and closer into the light.

So, that's how you want to play it huh? Well, I ain't passing on, quietly. Get ready to be so annoyed you'd wish you didn't call out for me! Guy in the light!

I screamed from the top of my lungs. VERY ANNOYING SCREAM GOOOOOO!!!

"UuuuuwaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Hic. Hic. UwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaa!!!"

A high pitched, crying voice reached my ears once I was wrapped within the light.

"Milady, it's a girl!"

... ...


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