Wrath of Titans

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Wrath of Titans
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Author: Joseph Wood
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 7
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 24658
Rank by popularity: 5389
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Death would be a relief for him.
Gifted a magical system comprised of stats, skills, level and an unfathomable power, Elias saw the unexpected present as a curse more than a blessing. But there was no return now, since he had been ‘chosen’, he had to battle his way out in this cruel and unforgiving world.
He had to laboriously carve out a path of his own while tried by clashes between high kings, races, politics and titans unknown to the great continent.
He had to survive, or died like other chosen ones exploited or killed by the rest of the chosen.
He had to fight, to protect the villagers so dear to him.
Not to mention his beloved little sister whom he vowed to protect with everything he had.
And this was all just the beginning.

What to expect in this story:

  1. Not a slow-burn tale. It would be quite intense right from the start (After Prologue), countless actions begins from Chapter 3 and probably concludes at Chapter 5. But of course, tons of more actions to be expected as the story progresses.
  2. The first arch (Chapter 1-5) was already completed. So the story would never suffer an abrupt drop or improper conclusion.
  3. Epic battles and wars. Clashes between armies, between MC and monsters, titans and so forth.
  4. Free points for MC to allocate into his stats as he levelled up (like Diablo), which required him to make careful investment in order to determine his final build.

What else to expect?

  1. Grand adventures? Yes!
  2. Friends to make along the way? Definitely.
  3. Dungeons to loot in the story? Of course! (Though it would not appear at first.)
  4. Pets to company the MC? Hmmmm……..., perhaps.

Some of the tags I put up are merely for the sake of expanding my creative freedom while writing, so the potential of the story would be limitless. That being said, Action, Adventure, High Fantasy, GameLit, LitPRG, Dungeon and Strategy will certainly be featured.


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