The 8th Child of the Demon King.

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Author: Redpilled
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 43
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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"The demon's are evil.
Long-bred into our doctrine, the one of the Central Continent, is that the demon's are vicous, and will use any method in their disposal to eliminate the human race. Our ancestors were killed in attempts to defeat the demonic race, and we will continue on their legacy, as the Deities wish. At this stalemate in war, we are given one choice - to summon the Hero of another world."
-The 185th Pope, Marguis.
"The human's are treacherous.
For ages, we have been at war with humans. They are greedy hypocrites, and our attempts at peace have shown that true. The Original Demon King, the progenitor of both races, created the humans. Yet what have they done? Killed The Original, and lied about our involvement with the Evil God. We have no chance to reconile. So, may the Saviour be summoned!"
-The 35th Demon King, Sigma.
To me, both of these statements are retarded. Who am I, you ask? The 8th child of Demon King Sigma. My name is Valerius. On the day when father was going to summon the Saviour, he failed. For some reason, the summoning gave me the (Status Screen) ability, supposedly only possessed by the Saviour. It'll be a great help to me, since I have to escape from the entire Demon Continent, after all.


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