Poisoned Teacups

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Author: LiaZ
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 8
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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You have been invited to a tea party.
The phrase is not uncommon among the citizens of Young West Proseia, more commonly known as the YWP. Most such events are harmless fun, though they do end in death at a rate far above most other countries. Often, the one who seemed to have passed on would even turn up alive and well not a week afterwards, inviting a new group to join in a party of their own: "And I promise we'll all be alive at the end, this time!"
Tea parties of the YWP vary wildly in shape and form- from formal gatherings to cosplay conventions to magical chaos. But they all share a few similarities. All of them have around fifteen participants. All of them are centered around a certain theme. All of them have a host, of course, who deals out both tea and death with a smile.
And all of them last less than a day.
Meet me at Aleshe Manor at precisely eleven o'clock. Please notify me of your tea preference ahead of time, the options are included with this letter. I will have the tea- well, not every option is tea, but it doesn't matter that much- ready for you when you arrive.
As the fifteen attendees prepared to set foot in what its owner referred to as "the most cursed building in Young West Proseia," they expected an ordinary, run-of-the-mill YWP tea party.
What they expected could not have been further from what they would get.
When the manor's owner would go missing, leaving behind only a note stating that one of the party was no longer as they seemed, the attendees would find themselves living out the strangest, most dangerous, and most unexpected ninety-seven hours of their lives.
I do hope you all can make it. There's something I've been meaning to show everyone for a while now, but I can only open it at midnight during a five-day period. After this Thursday, we won't get another chance until ten years from now, during the next- nevermind. My point is, we can open it all together, or we can wait a decade knowing that there is a secret right under all our noses, that no one will get to learn.
Best wishes,
Strix Cattus Aleshe


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