Fantasy Farmstead: Modern Benton Cove

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Fantasy Farmstead: Modern Benton Cove
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Author: RCDavis
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 24625
Rank by popularity: 24519
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Jay Higgs can’t stand his soul sucking cubicle job any longer when his grandfather dies, leaving the deed to a small property in the tiny, middle of nowhere Resort town of Benton Cove. Packed up with a business plan, his life savings, and a life path that doesn’t include four tiny walls and a stupid cat hanging from a tree branch, Jay makes his way to his new home.
Stardew Valley, meets a fantasy D&D-esk world, meets slice of life anime in this short story about life in a small town. The people who are stuck there, the people see it as salvation, and the people who simply come and go.
Starring: Jay Higgs. A generally decent human being who exchanged a life of drawing lines on a computer for a life of roasting coffee and growing lettuce.
Lilly Fishier. A chaotic Tel’ani girl known as the town weirdo, anime addict, and a pervert with no filter on the random shit she says.
Nohana Cooper. The hottest girl in town who has no interest in being the hottest girl in town and would rather simply play video games and practice her bass guitar that is apparently too loud for her neighbors.
Hal Fisher. Lilly’s older brother who is the town Mailman, Police Force, Fire Department, and EMT.
And a number of other more minor characters.
Warning: This story contains Adult Content, Foul Language, and the Responsible Use of Alcohol.




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