One Piece : King and His Mens

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Sun with five different Devil Fruits begins his adventure when one day Luffy notice Sun when Luffy is wandering in the endless vast sea .
When Luffy takes Sun to the world of sea , what will be written in Sun's life ?
Will he become a Great Pirate ? Will he chose to betray Luffy and walk on his own path ? Will he want to become Pirate King ? Or will he be one of the trustworthy and faithful brother of Strawhat Pirate Crew ?
Let's find out what Sun's new life in another world looks like ?

Genres : Pirate , Adventure , little changes in story which I will be making ( some modifications will be in the story. For example ; weak Marines will be reinforced by Numbers so that the story would get more spicy and thrilling and so ) , Reasonable Romance , Not a Harem , Love Crisis , Action , Great Tragedy , Not Overpowering Mc , Progression with Logical and Reasonable way , Dark Story , Strong and Overbearing Antagonists , Intense Battle , Sea War , Sky War , Island War , World Travellers ( there will also be other world travellers like Sun with their own Unique Abilities and Advantages but they wouldn't have the future knowledge about One Piece World . Note : no one will have System or another Animeverse Power other than One Piece World )
Note : I am reading One Piece Manage from Volume 1 Chapter 1 so I will follow the canon story but in my own way . For example : some Canon Crew Members will not be or could be . A Villain that isn't in Canon could also reveal themselves.


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