Reminiscence; Memories of Eternity

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Reminiscence; Memories of Eternity
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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━┉┅┅╍╍ ━═⊹⊱≼≽⊰⊹═⁢━ ╍╍┅┅┉━
"Being both in love and wise, not even the gods can manage that."
━┉┅┅╍╍ ━═⊹⊱≼≽⊰⊹═⁢━ ╍╍┅┅┉━
Alexius Valerian Aeternus, a child of prophecy. The chosen prince struggling under the weight of his destiny. Unable and unwilling to walk the path fate has set for him.
Alärielle Eshènesra Silvaris, a living goddess. The divine princess who has embraced her decreed fate. For her, the noblest of callings is to fulfill her destiny, to heed the auguries of the Astrals.
They hail from different worlds. They have conflicting ideologies. Yet, they find in each other what the Universe could not offer them.
But can men or even gods alter what has been written in the stars?
━┉┅┅╍╍ ━═⊹⊱≼≽⊰⊹═⁢━ ╍╍┅┅┉━
Against the backdrop of a galactic war at the end of time, two people from different worlds—a rebellious human prince and a devout elven goddess—fall in love, with devastating consequences for the Universe.
━┉┅┅╍╍ ━═⊹⊱≼≽⊰⊹═⁢━ ╍╍┅┅┉━
Hi, dear readers! Thank you for reading my book.
The artwork on the cover is of my original characters—Alexius and Alärielle. This and all the other artworks used in the story were specifically commissioned for this purpose.
You can check out more of the cover artist's work here: Jyundee
I am always open to critiques and comments, so feel free to review my work.
Thank you so much!
━┉┅┅╍╍ ━═⊹⊱≼≽⊰⊹═⁢━ ╍╍┅┅┉━


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