The Magical Girl Substituting me Uncle?!

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Author: WertoSSJ
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 50
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 24448
Rank by popularity: 22261
Release frequency: 1.65 days
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Amidst all of the issues that any teenager girl usually has, Aika Tsunaboshi also secretly an Magical Girl. Much likes the ones you would typically see in anime and manga. Except these ones also hunts demons on the side. One day, while fighting against her nemesis, she is forced to make a decision and temporarily transfer her powers to someone in her family. Which according to her magic partner, was intended to go to her older brother, Akira Tsunaboshi. Who is always mistaken for a girl and barely able to form a full sentence towards strangers, which leaves him prone to many misunderstandings. Akira is already on his third year and everyone in the school still recognizes him as one of the most popular "girls" in the school. Making him also quite unapproachable for most students, rendering him to be quite a loner. His greatest wish is have a hundred friends before graduating this year. However, during the transferring process, Aika got cold feet at the last second and her partner, alongside her magical powers were sent somewhere else. About to be stricken down by her assailant, Aika is saved by a strange fat man. Her savior... just happened to be one of her teachers, Shinjirou Tsunaboshi... her uncle, who was passed out drunk in the gym storage. Which she so utterly despises due to his being drunk more often than not, in a near perpetual state of hangover, his carefree nature, unrensponsible and perverted tendencies that earned him the title "Ero-Sensei" and caused many antics and headaches for her to deal with most of her life. The shock of seeing her uncle wearing her former uniform, a frilly dress, alongside a set of cat ears, tail and everything made her pass out on the spot. By the time Aika woke up, not only he had become best friends with both her partner Nekomata and her nemesis as well but also convinced the two to form a strange alliance between himself, her nemesis and Arcadia, the ones responsible with leading, managing and recruiting all Magical Girls. Will Aika be able to handle yet another stress placed on top of her social life? When will her powers return to her? Even if it does, will she be able to manage to put up with her devious uncle for the sake of justice until then? Only one way to find out!


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