Mage of Red Clay

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Mage of Red Clay
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Bobby likes Pabst Blue Ribbon, NASCAR races, and throwing fireballs. A through and through Georgia boy, raised down in the sticks but now working with all things mystic.
He is, in other words, a magician. Not just any magician- but one bound by the most egregious of terms: business contracts. See, a long time ago, Bobby got himself involved with a dragon whose business was making magicians, and Bobby wanted magic to be his business. Both of them having common interest, Bobby agreed to sign over his services in exchange for phenomenal (draconic) magic. A pretty awesome deal, right? The contract put him at the top percentage of human magicians, on top of having the backing of a dragon patron, and a fantastic set of benefits befitting an esteemed contractor, so it'd be smooth sailing from then on, right?
Not so. That kind of power isn't granted without strings attached, and Bobby's practically bound up in them. Following the esoteric laws set forth by magicians , juggling them with the mortal interests he still has to abide by, and finding himself at the beck and call of a fickle and opaque patron makes his life as a magician a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

But when his patron sets him on a strange task- with stranger company, no less, even Bobby has to question what his mission really is. Delving into fantastic crimes and cracking open mysteries is just the least he can do, and he'll do it with the help of his gun, his wand, and his trusted allies both large and small.

Cover art is of the Georgia Guidestones. Chapters released on a semi-regular basis, at least one every two weeks, sometimes more.
Also published on, Webnovel, and Scribblehub under the same title!


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