The Little Black Umbrella

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The Little Black Umbrella
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Gillean had just lost his best friend and is feeling utterly miserable and lonely. Being smart doesn't fend off loneliness. If nothing having the combination of smarts AND the lack of forward planning got him into the state he currently was in - rejection and the feeling of being a failure.
Cue in the sounds of angelic trumpets. RaRa, his best friend, returns to "save the day". Well. What she thinks of as saving the day that is.
Corny ideals, lame ideas. The two get into one last patch of trouble together as they sneak back into RaRa's home.
Just what kind of family secrets has RaRa been keeping from Gill. In blood and thunder, Gill finds out.

Please read the content warnings (there may be spoilers within though) if you have triggers. Also there is a slight mention of LGBTQ+, so please don't read this short story if even a short mention bothers you.

My first short story (It's short - 5 chapters, 10,000 word-ish kinda short! And also completed self pats that I will be releasing in mini chapters (of 500-800 words each) on Fridays and Saturdays.).
Happy to hear actionable and constructive criticisms on how I can improve, but please don't be too harsh okay? :) I know it's not perfect. But hey, we all have to start somewhere.


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